Shamila’s Cookery Academy was established in March 2012, with 8 years of experience providing the best culinary courses and services. Through the latest culinary tips and concepts, we give you the most valuable ideas to your mind.

The founder, Chef Sharmila Shabdeen was a passionate food pioneer since 1992, passion and respect for food were her two core values. She began her culinary career in 1994, working in a leading five-star hotel in Sri Lanka. With the sophistication she had, she commenced classes for foreigners. She launched a culinary academy in Sri Lanka in 2012 to allowance her culinary skills.

Likewise, Chef Sharmila is a TV demonstrator and an International cookery demonstrator. Overall, Chef Sharmila is a role model who inspired the value of culinary skills to our nation.

Eventually, in 2017 and 2018, Chef Sharmila received the accolades, “Bronze Medalist for the Sri Lankan Contemporary Live Cooking” at the culinary food expo hosted by the Chef Guild of Lanka.

Chef Sharmila is the owner and the directress of Shamila’s Cookery Academy. Her passionalism, her rigour, her assurance, her creativity gave her a mesmeric reputation.

As a Sri Lankan, she discovered gastronomy in Sri Lanka, and it gave her an inspiration to offer dynamics in cooking.

Our Vision

To be an inspiring culinary educating body, in order to reveal the unexposed skills of every individual who walks into our culinary school. 

Our Mission

Providing you the possibility to create personal training paths and grant a full preliminary professional preparation to rapidly enter the Hotel trade.