Improve your culinary skills day by day by enrolling to our One Day courses. Are you tired of cooking the same types of cuisines? Here’s an opportunity to learn a vast variety of cuisines, delicates, and dishes.

  1. Arabian Cuisine Course
  2. European Cuisine Course
  3. Dessert Course (Basic)
  4. Shooters Course (Premium-Fusion Desserts)
  5. Cake Course
  6. Lamprais Course
  7. Advanced Chinese Cuisine Course
  8. Varieties of Beverage Course
  9. Seasonal Cuisine Course (Sri Lankan Festive Cuisines)
  10. Petite Four Course
  11. Seafood by the grill Course
  12. Street Food Course
  13. Japanese Course
  14. Kiddies Christmas Cookery Session
  15. Soups and Salads
  16. Mexican Cuisines
  17. Christmas Dinner Cuisine Course
  • 1 day
  • 100% practical sessions by giving individual attention to every student, easy tips and techniques, instructions in all three languages, offers printed recipe guides for every session
  • Culinary and cookery